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Crowdfunding Zero Waste

We recently helped Crowdfund a mobile zero waste shop which enables the community to purchase groceries without single use plastics. A great idea!

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Preparing a Storage Tank for Coating

An important factor to consider when applying a coating for storage tank lining, before any product is even sprayed, is the preparation of the steel. When applying solvent-free coatings this is especially important.

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Another Big Tank Lining Project Underway

Double Skin Tank Lining Site Set-up Ready to start work on another big double skin tank lining project. All set-up on our client's site. This is how we like to have our equipment on site. The placement needs to be as efficient as possible and this way...

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Massive Fines for Leaking Storage Tanks

Time and time again we see examples of why it makes perfect business sense to install a lining system in underground storage tanks. This is a long-term cost saving move, and not just for the increased life span that the storage tank will have, but in ways many operators might not envisage.

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Solving Severe Storage Tank Corrosion With Tank Lining

Abfad Limited were appointed to refurbish a 250 cubic meter acid water process storage tank for one of our power generation clients due to the condition of the steel of the tank and the breakdown of the existing coating, which had been applied several times by another company, but continued to fail.

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