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Protect AND monitor pipelines

Unprotected pipelines are very susceptible to corrosion. Buried in the ground, submerged underwater or exposed to the environment, all are vulnerable.

Corrosion in pipelines is dangerous. It can damage the structural integrity of the pipeline. Making it dangerous for transporting potentially hazardous goods, such as oil and gas.

Our method of pipeline corrosion protection provides the answer to both elimination and monitoring of corrosion.

Pipeline corrosion protection and monitoring

PIPEVAC® is an innovative pipe protection system which we developed to put an end to external corrosion. PIPEVAC® creates a vacuum around the pipe. This vacuum prevents any of the conditions which can cause corrosion.

With the creation of an external vacuum, it is now possible to monitor the pipeline in sections. This gives you the opportunity to investigate an alarm. Taking the necessary action to protect your assets and the environment from pollution.

An internal or external breach of the pipe will lead to a loss of vacuum pressure causing an alarm.

PIPEVAC® also prevents against CUI (Corrosion Under Insulation). The integrated vacuum prevents moisture and oxygen from attacking the external surface of the pipe. Thereby, preventing any of the conditions for corrosion to occur.

PIPEVAC® comes from over 20 years experience with corrosion prevention and vacuum systems.

How does the PIPEVAC® system work?

PIPEVAC® comes from another successful system called Fuelvac®, which protects and monitors storage tanks.

We’ve taken the Fuelvac® technology and incorporated standard pipe protection wrapping tapes. The tapes make install of the system quick, almost anywhere.

The first process on a current pipeline is to inspect the pipe. Removing any existing corrosion. Then protecting the steel with a standard pipeline coating.

Once refurbished and clean, application of the double skin system can begin. Creating a vacuum in the space around the pipe; this is then covered by an aluminium foil to seal the area.

Standard pipeline wrapping tape is then installed as a top layer. The exact tape used can vary due to location and other factors. Taking into consideration temperature, weather and environmental conditions.

Once install of the tapes is complete the vacuum connections are fitted to the pipe. A vacuum is then pulled for that particular section of the pipeline.

Distance for pipe monitoring can vary based on the system used and if electrical power can be generated along the pipeline. Some vacuum systems can incorporate solar and battery power if required.

This leak detection feature of PIPEVAC® can be a useful tool in aiding maintenance and inspection programs. If a problem occurs along the pipeline that breaches the vacuum the monitoring system will alarm. Notifying you of a loss of vacuum and which section of the pipeline the problem occurs in.

Vacuum monitoring gives immediate feedback to the user. This allows for quick and easy locating. Giving you the opportunity to repair before corrosion has the opportunity to spread.

Software package options are available to have the monitoring system accessed remotely from any location Worldwide if required.

PIPEVAC® has great versatility  

PIPEVAC® can be installed onto in-service pipelines in areas of hydrocarbon risk without heat or naked flame. This is due to the unique nature of the materials used in the application process.

PIPEVAC® is a versatile system and install can be on both above and below ground pipelines. Either in the factory on new pipework or in the field onto pipelines that are currently in-service.

PIPEVAC® is ideal for rehabilitation work on existing pipelines.

PIPEVAC® is a robust vacuum leak detection system. Providing excellent pipeline corrosion protection under most service conditions.

PIPEVAC® uses vacuum technology to prevent external corrosion from impacting on the pipe. Avoiding any damage to pipeline integrity from corrosion. At the same time allowing for complete monitoring of the pipeline.

Whatever your pipe protection needs, you can be sure that Abfad’s PIPEVAC® system offers the COMPLETE solution.

PIPEVAC® is the ULTIMATE in pipeline corrosion protection and monitoring.

Frequently Asked Questions


How will PIPEVAC® prevent corrosion?

PIPEVAC® is a robust vacuum leak detection monitoring system. Providing excellent protection of pipelines under most service conditions. It prevents external corrosion from taking place due to the unique nature of the vacuum system. The vacuum also allows for complete monitoring of the pipeline.

Will PIPEVAC® comply with commonly used, International pipeline standards?

By utilising a primary epoxy layer, PIPEVAC® will comply in a similar fashion to other multi-layer coating systems.

What about existing Cathodic Protection systems?

PIPEVAC® will work alongside existing Cathodic Protection. The Anode connections can even be incorporated into the vacuum/spreader plates of the PIPEVAC® design. Minimising the number of take off points.

Does PIPEVAC® need to be installed in a factory environment, or can it be field applied?

PIPEVAC® install can be in either a factory environment or in the field, for complete flexibility. Making PIPEVAC® ideal for rehabilitation work on existing, and in-service pipelines.

How are the field joint areas made good after welding of the pipeline?

Utilising PIPEVAC® materials in exactly the same configuration as the Mainline Coating (MLC). This allows continuity of the vacuum, essential for leak detection monitoring.

Does PIPEVAC® require heat, or naked flame when installing in the field?

PIPEVAC® install can be onto in-service pipelines, or in areas of hydrocarbon risk without heat or naked flames.

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