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Abfad Limited specialises in the application of solvent-free resin coatings. These provide long-term protection of steel and concrete. Abfad always seeks to give the best protection to our clients.

We’ve long believed in the use of solvent-free coatings as a method of providing valuable, long-term protection to clients. We use a specialised plural component heated spray pump for coating application.This machine hot sprays the solvent-free resins at the correct ratios needed. Allowing us to achieve the required thickness and a strong bond with the substrate.

We find solvent-free coatings offer greater long-term protection. They’re friendlier to personnel, the public and the environment as they contain no, or minimal, harmful VOC’s. Because there isn’t any solvent in the coating there is nothing that can break down over time. In fact, we’ve gone into tanks we’ve sprayed many years later and they’ve still looked as good as the first day.

Solvent-free coatings for tank lining

Solvent-free resins are also a solution we use for storage tank lining. Both for single skin lining solutions and our double skin tank lining system, Fuelvac®.

Fuelvac® is probably the most environmentally friendly double skin tank lining system in the world. It uses non-hazardous materials and solvent-free coatings throughout.

More information on Fuelvac® and tank lining from Abfad can be found here

Yeoman Bridge Project

Abfad ltd has provided specialist services to the Marine Industry since 1997.

This project was to protect eight Granite Cargo Vessel hold steel plates. These were badly corroded with over 3mm loss of material.  A specialist polyurethane was the chosen coating. Picked for its excellent anti-abrasion properties. Sprayed using a plural component heated spray pump at a ratio of 1½ part base to 1 part activator.

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