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Abfad's rope access services

Innovative Rope Access Services

We provide IRATA approved rope access services. Inspection, repair/maintenance, blasting and coating, along with many other rope access services.

Our rope access personnel are able to perform work to the required specification.

We train our safety supervisors to the highest standards. Risk assessments and method statements are provided and implemented for all work tasks.

Solvent-free Tank Lining Systems

Corrosion protection for storage tanks with solvent-free single skin and double skin coatings. These encapsulate the internal steel of the storage tank, preventing corrosion.

Fuelvac® double skin tank lining system utilises class 1 vacuum leak detection monitoring. For above and below ground storage tanks.

Fuelvac® has previously been installed in an above ground tank storing over 2 million litres of Hydrochloric Acid. This was a world first for double skin tank lining.

Double-skin Tank Lining Systems
Confined space, Emergency Rescue Services

Emergency Rescue Services

Emergency rescue and safety cover services for people working at height or within confined spaces. Including tanks, silos, vats, vessels, power station boilers, turbines and stacks. Our trained and equipped rescue teams are able to respond to any incident in a professional and experienced manner.

Ensuring workers safety should be at the forefront of every company’s ethos and operating practices.


Pipeline Protection System

PIPEVAC® provides the answer to elimination and monitoring of corrosion. A permanent vacuum is created and held around the pipe circumference.

PIPEVAC® aims to provide an inspection and maintenance free corrosion prevention system. Protecting from atmospheric corrosion as well as corrosion under insulation (CUI). Providing complete 24/7 vacuum monitoring of the pipeline.

It gives the opportunity for real cost savings on external inspection, removal and re-installation of insulation, coatings and pipeline repair.

PIPEVAC Pipeline Protection System
Patented Magnet System

Magnetic Positioning Aid

Developed for rope access technicians by rope access technicians. Other methods of positioning and anchoring are time-consuming and lacking in efficiency. In some cases completely ineffective.

The pull-off strength of the Magnet System is over 355kgs. Tested on 50mm thick steel plate at manufacture. The Magnet System has also been tested by the TWI (The Welding Institute).

Engineered and manufactured in the UK using 316L stainless steel. Constructed to the highest standards using the best quality materials.

Weld Seam Monitoring

Our Weld Seam Monitoring System monitors structures vital welds. It acts as an early warning indicator. Allowing operators to investigate before a catastrophic failure of the structure occurs.

Any structure which suffers the potential for stress and fatigue will benefit from Weld Seam Monitoring. This could be wind turbines, bridges or pressure vessel external welds. In fact, any structure that is subjected to cyclic loading.

Abfad's Weld Seam Monitoring System
Offshore wind turbine maintenance

Renewables / Marine

Turbine blade inspections and repairs. Blasting and protective coating refurbishment on both onshore and offshore structures, and more.

Abfad is responsible for refurbishing the first commercial offshore wind farm in the UK, Scroby Sands.

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