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Magnet System for Rope Access

Abfad's Patented Magnetic Positioning Aid

Abfad’s Unique Magnet System – Patented Solutions to Engineering Problems

With its engineering experience, the Abfad team have focused on bringing innovative, cost effective solutions to common engineering problems. Abfad’s patented permanent Magnet System has proven invaluable in areas that can only be accessed by rope but need a reliable method of moving the rope technician closer to the working surface and anchoring them securely to enable them to carry out any required work. Use of this Magnet System provides the user with a productivity advantage, increasing the speed of work, such as, blasting, mechanical surface preparation, welding, drilling, NDT inspections etc. by securing the rope technician to the ferrous substrate and enabling a greater precision of work. Our patented Magnet System has been developed for rope access technicians by rope access technicians, as a need for this type of device was discovered whilst working on certain jobs, other methods of working were found to be time consuming, lacking in efficiency and in some cases completely ineffective. They have been used by Abfad on many projects and tested rigorously, including by the TWI (The Welding Institute) who have also tested the pull off strength of the magnets.

“Abfad’s Magnet System is designed to be a long lasting high quality item and is constructed from 316L Stainless Steel to the highest specifications”

What can this Magnet System be used for?

Whilst this Magnet System was initially designed for use with rope access and the challenges faced when working on difficult to access structures and surfaces, it can also be utilised in many different ways by many different industries, such as, by divers for marine salvage and underwater survey, fabrication yards as plate lifters, they can be used by smaller ships to lock into a larger one, construction activities, we have also had interest in using our Magnet System as an emergency door release.

Abfad’s patented Magnet System is not intended for use as a method of life support, rope access techniques will need to be utilised whilst using this product.

“Abfad’s Magnet Positioning Aid is fully engineered and manufactured in the UK, to the highest quality and standards”

How can I Purchase Abfad’s Magnet System?

Our unique patented Magnet System can be purchased direct from us, send us an email info@abfad.co.uk with your enquiry.

If the Magnet System is taken care of properly, we believe, it will last the user a lifetime.

If you would like to purchase Abfad’s permanent Magnet System please note there is a minimum order quantity of 2 magnets.

Abfad can also provide a training service for the Magnet System and its correct use, please enquire when ordering.

Magnet system

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