Fuelvac® Licensing

Opportunities available for fabric maintainance companies

FUELVAC® Licensing Opportunities Available

Fuelvac® double skin liner is accredited to British and European standard BS EN 13160-7:2016 and is now available to license.

Abfad Ltd will provide training and installation guidance on all aspects of the system.

Are you a fabric maintenance company?

We’re looking for competent industrial fabric maintenance companies in all countries to become licensees and expand their service portfolio for their clients on a World Wide basis.

What is Fuelvac®?

Fuelvac® is an innovative double skin lining system which uses solvent free coatings and non-hazardous materials throughout.

Utilising high-performance solvent free linings Fuelvac® can be installed in existing underground and above ground storage tanks of any size or height.

The Fuelvac® system allows a second skin to be added to the internal steel of a storage tank while it is still buried, incorporating a leak detection system which allows constant long term monitoring of tank integrity. It guarantees an immediate alarm in the instance of a breach.


The benefits of Fuelvac®

  • Certified to BS EN 13160-7:2016 tank lining standard by TUV NORD in Germany.
  • 20-year extendable life service for clients storage tank assets.
  • Allows reduced expenditure for your clients by eliminating storage tank replacements and also tank weld non-destructive periodic inspections as the tank is monitored 24/7, 365 days of every year.
  • Fuelvac® has been successfully installed for the protection of storage tanks for over a decade.
  • High-performance solvent free linings from AkzoNobel with a proven history of hydrocarbon resistance. Resistant to a wide range of chemicals, crude oil, aviation and biofuels including 100% Ethanol and Sulphate Reducing Bacteria.
  • Supported by the technical expertise of AkzoNobel.
  • Fuelvac® is designed to conform to the COMAH regulations, these are set up to prevent major accidents from dangerous substances.
  • Fuelvac® reduces costs for clients due to the non-hazardous aspect of the materials used in the installation; we believe Fuelvac® is the fastest system to install in the World, with a rapid return of tank to service.

Fuelvac® installation process

Fuelvac® Hydrochloric Acid Project 2014



Make Fuelvac® a successful part of your companies services?