Solvent Free Single and Double Skin Tank Lining

Certified to BS EN 13160-7 by TUV NORD

Fuelvac® installation process

Fuelvac® Hydrochloric Acid Project 2014



The Worlds first fully double skinned HCL storage tank

FUELVAC® – The Advanced Double Skin Lining System with Leak Detection Monitoring

Fuelvac® is the perfect solution to protect and monitor damaged and corroded storage tanks. A major problem in the industry.

The FUELVAC® double skin lining system, is a patented, solvent free lining process to install a vacuum monitored double skin liner. Bringing an innovative dimension to storage tank repairs and tank corrosion protection.

Corrosion protection and monitoring for storage tanks

Fuelvac® allows a second skin to be added inside of the storage tank. It incorporates a Class 1 vacuum pressure leak detection system which allows constant long-term monitoring of tank integrity every second of every day.

A breach to either the lining inside the tank or from external corrosion will cause an immediate alarm, notifying the operator. Allowing preventative measures to be taken before a leak occurs.

Environmentally friendly

Fuelvac® uses solvent free coatings throughout the system, alongside non-hazardous materials.

Probably the most environmentally friendly double skin tank lining system in the World.

Minimal disruption to operations

Cost and time savings over traditional methods are significant. The system can be quickly installed to any existing tanks with minimal disruption.

Reducing tank downtime means the repaired tank is back in full use in a very short timescale. Traditional methods of storage tank maintenance can leave you without the use of the tank for an extended period. Fuelvac® eliminates this.

Versatile system

The Fuelvac® leak detection system can be installed in both above and below ground tanks of any size or height. Enabling the safe and successful storage of hazardous liquids.

Installed utilising access through the tank man-way requires no excavation or damage to the forecourt.

High performance solvent free linings

Fuelvac® utilises high performance solvent free coatings from AkzoNobel. These have been used in the Oil and Gas industry for over 30 years.

The solvent free coating used by Fuelvac® is resistant to a wide range of chemicals, biofuels including 100% Ethanol, crude and petroleum products, and Sulphate Reducing Bacteria. Offering long-term corrosion protection for your tanks and ensures no leakage occurs.

A fully certified system

Fuelvac® has been independently tested and certified to BS EN 13160-7 leak detection standard by TUV Nord.

It also conforms to the COMAH regulations, designed to prevent major accidents involving dangerous substances. Limiting the consequences to people and the environment. Giving you the confidence to trust Fuelvac® to protect and monitor your assets.

Single-skin Protective Coating

Single-skin Protective Coating

Detail showing sump with single-skin coating


Double-skin Protective Coating

Double-skin Protective Coating

Detail showing sump with double-skin protective coating

Above Ground Storage Tank

Above Ground Storage Tank Lining

Photo shows a 2,140m3 capacity mild steel tank which stores HCL

Underground Storage Tank

Underground Storage Tank Lining

Photo shows a crop of an underground forecourt storage tank

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