Solvent Free Tank Lining

Innovative solvent free single and double-skin tank lining systems

Fuelvac® installation process

Fuelvac® Hydrochloric Acid Project 2014



The FUELVAC® Double Skin Tank Lining System – The Patented Storage Tank Lining Process from Abfad

ABFAD Ltd have developed the perfect solution to protect damaged and corroded Storage Tanks, a major problem in the industry. The FUELVAC® double skin lining system, Abfad’s patented, solvent-free lining process is deployed to install a vacuum monitored double skin liner, bringing a new, innovative dimension to storage tank repairs and tank corrosion protection.

Cost and time savings over traditional methods are significant and tank downtime is greatly reduced, which means that the repaired tank can be brought back into full use in a very short timescale; whereas traditional methods of storage tank maintenance can leave the tank owner without the use of a very valuable asset for an extended period of time.

The double skinned tank is then connected to remote vacuum monitoring applications that check the integrity of the installation every second of every day, ensuring piece of mind and a totally professional approach to tank storage maintenance.

The Fuelvac® storage tank leak detection system can be installed in both above and below ground tanks of any size and enables the safe and successful storage of hazardous liquids, from Hydrochloric Acid (one of the most difficult and corrosive liquids to store), to Ethanol, Crude and Petroleum products, with the potential to store almost any hazardous liquid safely and securely.

The purpose behind monitoring and lining tanks is good management and enables environmental influence, giving operators the ability to control and contain any potential disaster.

Single-skin Protective Coating

Single-skin Protective Coating

Detail showing sump with single-skin coating


Double-skin Protective Coating

Double-skin Protective Coating

Detail showing sump with double-skin protective coating

Above Ground Storage Tank

Above Ground Storage Tank Lining

Photo shows a 2,140m3 capacity mild steel tank which stores HCL

Underground Storage Tank

Underground Storage Tank Lining

Photo shows a crop of an underground forecourt storage tank

Tank Lining Gallery

The Worlds first fully double skinned HCL storage tank

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