Double-Skin Tank Lining Q&A

Operators who have installed a double-skin tank liner in their storage tanks are aware of the benefits this lining system provides. However, for those who have not yet considered this system for safeguarding their tanks and stored products, Abfad has compiled a list of common questions based on their extensive experience in the industry.

Tank lining is a crucial factor for operators to consider. Over the years, Abfad has encountered numerous storage tanks that are severely damaged and corroded due to inadequate protection.

What is Tank Lining?

In short, tank lining is a process to protect the inside of your storage tank. This process involves applying a specially formulated coating to the interior of your tank, which acts as a barrier against harmful effects such as corrosion and degradation.

The purpose of lining your tank in this way is to create a membrane or barrier that protects the integrity of the tank structure and ensures that the contents inside remain uncontaminated.

The goal is to create a resistant barrier that seals the internal tank steel and protects against corrosion.

Tank lining is an effective way to safeguard your storage tank from damage and contamination.

Why is Tank Lining Important?

The top priority for operators should always be preventing corrosion and contamination. One effective way to achieve this is by using tank linings; these can safeguard your tank and stored product from corrosion and harm.

Protective coatings are the key to managing and controlling internal corrosion. These linings create an impenetrable barrier between the stored product and the steel tank, effectively halting the corrosion process and shielding the steel from any microbes, preventing micro-biologically influenced corrosion.

Without proper protection, tanks can fail and cause environmental damage, loss of stored product and potential fines. An unplanned shutdown may also be necessary, potentially costing large amounts of money every day operations are stopped.

Selecting a coating/lining that safeguards the tank and its contents is essential for maintaining safe and optimal operations.

How does a double skin liner differ from a normal liner?

The double-skin liner is the ultimate solution for maintaining storage tanks and an excellent solution for safeguarding and monitoring damaged and corroded storage tanks.

Many clients opt to install a double-skin lining system, like Abfad’s Fuelvac® double-skin system, for enhanced protection and monitoring.

Double-skin lining provides multiple layers of protection, including a corrosion-resistant coating and a vacuum that encases the original tank steel. This vacuum eliminates conditions that lead to corrosion and enables 24/7 monitoring of the tank’s integrity.

The Fuelvac® double-skin liner includes a Class 1 vacuum pressure leak detection system that continuously monitors the tank day and night.

Fuelvac® is a fully monitored system that contains an interstice (space) between the two layers of protective solvent-free resin. Through this interstice, a vacuum is pulled and held. This vacuum alerts the client if there is a breach (either internally or externally) as any breach will cause the vacuum to drop, triggering the system to alarm.

If there is a breach in the lining system an alarm sounds, immediately notifying the operator. This monitoring alarm helps operators plan preventive measures before any tank integrity is lost and a leak occurs.

Is this just for underground tanks?

Due to the installation process and non-hazardous materials used Fuelvac® double skin leak detection system can be installed in both above and below-ground tanks of any size and enables the safe and successful storage of hazardous liquids and petroleum products, with the potential to store most liquids safely and securely.

Having installed a double-skin liner in a storage tank how does an operator check the status of its steel?

The tank’s integrity is constantly monitored by the double-skin lining system.

A Fuelvac® double-skinned tank is connected to a vacuum monitoring device that checks the integrity of the installation every second of every day, ensuring peace of mind and a professional approach to tank storage maintenance.

How does an operator know a double-skin lined tank is operating correctly?

If the integrity of the double-skin lining is compromised, an alarm will alert the operator immediately. If a breach occurs in the tank, the operator can plan an inspection with the knowledge the stored product is safe.

Has the lining failed if the alarm sounds?

In essence, the lining system has effectively served its purpose by precisely detecting the loss of vacuum. Doing the job it was installed to do. This serves as an alert to the operator regarding any potential concerns, while also guaranteeing the safety of the tank’s contents. In case of any issues, this also allows sufficient time to plan for inspection and determine the cause of the alarm.

Can a new storage tank have a double skin liner?

Absolutely, it’s always better to prevent problems before they occur.

When a liner is installed in a tank, its steel surface is protected from corrosion thanks to the resistant coating. There is no worry of further corrosion. The tank steel will not be at risk from its contents.

Taking a proactive approach to tank maintenance is always the wisest choice. Not only does it give you more control and the ability to plan, but it also makes more financial sense in the long run.

Tell me more about Fuelvac®

Fuelvac® solvent-free double-skin lining system provides 24/7 leak detection for above and below-ground storage tanks of any size, utilising Class 1 vacuum pressure monitoring. The World’s only double-skin liner that uses solvent-free coatings throughout the system alongside non-hazardous materials.

The system has been independently tested and certified to EN13160-7:2016 by TUV NORD.

Fuelvac® double-skin liner is designed to conform to the 2015 COMAH Regulations to prevent major accidents involving dangerous substances, limiting the consequences to people and the environment.

Fuelvac® provides an extra level of safety for clients for pollution management control.

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