Rope Access

IRATA approved multi-discipline rope access services


Rope Access

Abfad Limited has been at the forefront of rope access systems since 1996. Supplying trade experienced rope access personnel. Our teams work at height in all industries.

The use of rope access offers many advantages for the client. It’s the reason it has become the number one means of access in many industries, both offshore and onshore. It allows a wide range of work on difficult to reach locations.

Considered the best system for completing work quickly and safely. Often, carrying out work without disruption to other operations nearby.

Rope access specialist personnel

Using rope access reduces the cost, time and level of risk for the task in comparison to other access systems.

Abfad uses skilled rope access workers who are IRATA trained. But also, capable of performing the task required of them once in place. This ensures the highest standards of work practice for any given project.

Rope access maintenance carried out in power station

Rope access maintenance carried out in power station

Patented Magnet System

Some locations, such as the hull of a ship, present difficult conditions for access. We’ve solved this difficulty by developing a  Magnetic Positioning Aid. This allows the rope access specialist to secure themselves in a workable position.

Constructed from 316L stainless steel and rare earth magnets. Allows the rope access specialist to perform any task with confidence and precision.

Certain tasks push the rope access technician away from the working surface. Our Magnetic Positioning Aid counteracts these forces, holding the rope access technician stable.

Magnetic Positioning Aid used to aid coating work on the hull of a ship

Magnetic Positioning Aid used to aid coating work on the hull of a ship


We are full members of IRATA, the rope access trade body, and all our rope technicians are IRATA trained. IRATA is the leading authority on rope access worldwide. They have over 350 member companies.

Emergency safety and rescue cover

We understand the dangers involved when working at height or within confined spaces. Our rope access personnel provide safety cover and emergency rescue.

We provide trained and qualified rope rescue teams and confined space rescue teams. These allow your personnel to carry out any work at height or work within confined spaces safely.

Some of the Abfad rescue team

Abfad’s rescue team are trained and fully equipped to provide emergency rescue

Over 20+ years of successful projects

We have undertaken many projects in our 20+ years of operation. Including work for high profile blue-chip companies. Some of the projects we’ve worked on include:

  • Innovative rope access services for external and internal structures at height. These include power station stacks, chimneys, boiler house and turbine roofs. As well as marine vessels, semi-submersibles, bridges, and high rise structures and buildings.
  • High-level maintenance for power stations, refineries, and heavy industry.
  • Storm-damaged roof repairs and replacement work to major projects.
  • High-level welding and coating work during construction of the new Wembley Stadium.
  • Work on the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff.
  • Repainting the historic Transporter Bridge in Middlesbrough.
  • Refurbishing the first commercial offshore wind farm at Scroby Sands, Great Yarmouth.
  • Repair, Refurbishment and removal of offshore met masts.
  • Coating and refurbishment of the World’s first iron-hulled warship, HMS Warrior 1860.
  • And many more projects to date.

See some examples of projects we have undertaken on our projects page

With over 20 years in the industry, we've the experience you can trust.