Marine, Oil & Gas

Marine, Oil & Gas

Abfad Ltd has been providing specialist services to the marine industry since 1997.

We’ve worked in many shipyards on various vessels. Including some renowned ones like HMS Warrior, HMS Protector and the Yeoman Bridge. We provide refurbishment, maintenance, specialist coatings, corrosion protection, specialist cleaning and preservation work. Plus we’re able to provide other works as required.

We’ve also developed a patented Magnetic Positioning Aid for use in this area.

More information on the Magnet System can be found here.

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Yeoman Bridge

The project was to protect eight Granite Cargo Vessel hold steel plates. These were badly corroded with over 3mm loss of material.  A specialist polyurethane was the best coating in this case. With excellent anti-abrasion properties and sprayed using a plural component heated pump at a ratio of 1½ part base to 1 part activator. See the full case study here.

HMS Warrior 1860

We’ve been involved with the regular refurbishment of this historic vessel since 2006.

Our work scope is to maintain the coating protection of the various sections of the vessel. These include the bowsprit, fore, main and mizzen masts including all yards and spars. All amber, black and white metal paintwork is kept looking ship shape by our team. As well as the fighting tops and upper platforms, two funnels, ventilation cowls, and seating arrangements.

Other remedial works consisted of fabricating and welding stops, descaling internal funnel steel-work. Preparing and painting propeller down to the water line.

See the full case study here.

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