The innovative pipe protection system

What is Pipevac®?

Pipevac® provides the answer to elimination and monitoring of corrosion by creating and holding a permanent vacuum around the pipe circumference.

Pipevac® provides the solution to Corrosion Under Insulation as the integrated vacuum system prevents moisture and oxygen from attacking the external surface area of the pipe.

What makes Pipevac® different?

Pipevac® aims to provide an inspection and maintenance free corrosion prevention system, protecting from atmospheric corrosion as well as Corrosion Under Insulation, with complete 24/7 vacuum monitoring of the pipeline.

Pipevac® can be installed onto both above and below ground pipelines, either in the factory on new pipework, or in the field onto in-service pipelines, including in areas of hydrocarbon risk due to the unique nature of the materials used.

Pipevac® monitoring can be tailored to the needs of the client. Monitoring systems can be wired or form a wireless network with a gateway device. All monitoring devices are configured with safety by design in mind and can be integrated to work with various PLC or DCS systems which can be linked to SCADA.

What are the costs benefits?

Pipevac® benefits the client by continually preventing corrosion to valuable assets. Being constantly held in a state of vacuum leaves no opportunity for the conditions which cause corrosion to occur along a protected pipeline.

Pipevac® alerts the operator when a breach to the vacuum occurs (internally or externally), this provides the opportunity for real cost savings on external inspection, removal and re-installation of insulation, coatings and pipeline repair.