North East Innovation Awards 2019 Winner Abfad Ltd

The North East Innovation Awards are delivered by the Innovation SuperNetwork in partnership with RTC North to celebrate and bring a spotlight to organisations driving innovation in the region. The awards celebrate the most important sectors in the North East – Manufacturing, Healthcare, Energy and Digital.

Abfad Ltd was nominated in the Advanced Manufacturing Innovation category for Fuelvac® Double Skin Tank Lining technology. Up against Abfad were some very good innovative companies from throughout the North East in a packed category.

We are pleased to announce that Abfad Ltd is the WINNER of the Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Award 2019.

A great achievement for everyone at Abfad

Chris Haritou, Abfad’s Project Director, said: “Over the years Abfad has been at the forefront of new developments and applications in the industry, always striving to bring continuous innovation to our services and products and pursuing technology which can be both beneficial to industry as well as environmentally sound; to be recognised for this means a great deal. Fuelvac® showcases our technology at its most innovative.”

Fuelvac® is a solvent-free double skin lining system which provides 24/7 leak detection for above and below ground storage tanks of any size, utilising Class 1 vacuum pressure monitoring. It is the World’s only double skin liner that uses solvent-free coatings throughout the system alongside non-hazardous materials for the protection of applicators, public and the environment.