PCE International Magazine June Feature.

Abfad is featured in the June edition of PCE International magazine in a section on Wind Power Solutions. PCE has highlighted the work we completed for EON at Scroby Sands wind farm, which was the first commercial wind farm in the UK and was suffering from some quite severe problems with corrosion to the monopile section of the turbine.

Offshore wind turbines are subject to severe problems with corrosion due to the extreme environment they operate in, and the longer any corrosion is left untreated the greater the problem becomes. We believe that regular preservation programs should be operated and managed to allow the turbines to function at their peak level.

Abfad were brought in to refurbish the monopile sections at Scroby Sands. All corrosion was blasted to SA2.5 standard and a special coating was applied to protect the monopile from the elements and further corrosion.

One of the key factors to the success of this project was the use of Abfad’s Patented Magnet System. This allowed rope access technicians to be fixed safely and securely in position, enabling all blasting and spraying work to be carried out in a timely manner and with greater precision. The Magnet system has been used on many projects and has been tested rigorously, including by the TWI (The Welding Institute), who also tested the pull off strength of the magnets.

You can find out more information on the Magnet System here. Including how you can purchase and use them for your own projects.

Check out the article and images from Scroby Sands below.

PCE Magazine front cover              scroby sands article

Monopile_corroded  Rope_Access_Offshore  monopile after