February – March Edition of PCE International Magazine.

There is a great article in the latest edition (January – March 2015) of PCE International magazine.

We’re a little biased however as it is about us!

The article is about a WORLD FIRST for double skin tank lining and discusses the project we completed for our client, Simon Storage. We installed our Fuelvac® double skin lining system in a tank that stores over 2 million litres of highly corrosive Hydrochloric Acid, the double skin was installed across the floor and all the way up the 12.5 metre high walls. To enable more accurate monitoring of this tank, due to its size and hazardous contents, we split the double skin into 6 overlapping zones each with its own individual monitoring gauge. As far as we are aware this type of double skin installation is something that has never been achieved anywhere in the world before. This project was a great success for both us and Simon Storage, and the tank continues to operate successfully and within specification.

Check out the article it’s a great read and provides some really interesting insights into the project.

PCE International Article