Member of NOF Energy

Abfad are now members of NOF energy.

“NOF Energy is a highly proactive business development organization working on behalf of companies within the oil, gas, nuclear and offshore renewable sectors”.

NOF Energy membership network consists of a very diverse range of companies all offering innovative solutions, products and services on a global scale to the industries mentioned above.

They provide several services that members can tap into including business development support, various networking meetings, industry targeted events, marketing and media support. Alongside this they also have partner organisations members can access.

It’s great to be members of an organisation such as NOF Energy and we hope it leads to big things for Abfad in the future.

We see it as a perfect fit for our systems and technology, especially our PIPEVAC® pipe protection system, which prevents corrosion from impacting the substrate of the pipe by encapsulating it in a vacuum, this prevents the conditions forming from which corrosion can occur. Utilising a vacuum around the pipe in this way also allows for 24/7 monitoring of the pipeline. Any external or internal breach of the pipe will activate an alarm as vacuum pressure will not be able to be maintained, alerting the client to the problem and allowing them to investigate.

PIPEVAC® can also protect against corrosion under insulation (CUI) as the integrated vacuum system prevents oxygen and moisture from attacking the external area of the pipe.