Safety First

Our Rescue Teams work continuously providing confined space and working at height rescue and safety cover at our client’s power stations and CHP plants throughout the UK.

Whilst on-site our teams often perform rescue drills to demonstrate to our client’s and their personnel the rescue procedures and techniques that will be utilised to perform a rescue should the situation arise.

This gives our rescue teams valuable real-time experience in the area of the plant they are providing cover for and provides peace of mind to our client’s and their personnel that they can carry out their job with confidence knowing that safety is a top priority.

Rope Rescue Scenarios

Recently we have carried out some well-received rope rescue drills for one of our client’s alongside providing them with rescue cover for ongoing works.

The scenario’s we demonstrated rope rescue for was a fall from a ladder system and a technician rescue from ropes including decent and position of safety.

Our rescue team also demonstrated casualty care, CPR, airway management and neck brace application.

We received some excellent feedback about how well our rescue team members performed during these drills, with further rope access manoeuvres and rescue demonstrations in other parts of the plant being requested by the client.