Abfad sees innovation as a vital ingredient to succeed in our industry. We continually look at ways we can develop and innovate our products and services. We also work towards streamlining and automating the way we do business and the day to day management of our systems and processes.

Over the last year, we have worked with a company called ZEST I/O to create a piece of cloud-based software to help us achieve a smoother operation with less waste and more production. It’s made Abfad a more efficient company and means we can expend less finance to operate.

Abfad Limited, who are based in the North East of England, have been working together with ZEST I/O to develop a tailored Cloud based software application for managing their projects, site operations and licensing of patented technology to companies overseas via a Cloud portal.

The whole software development and deployment project has been exciting and mutually rewarding. Abfad Limited have kindly shared their experience of working with ZEST I/O.

With an Internet based Cloud system, project worksheets are completed daily. Managers make more effort to fill in their daily reports rather than leaving them to catch up on when they return from site which is not operating to company procedures. Therefore, ZEST I/O Cloud portal acts as a compelling force to make the checks and complete the documents, which conform to company processes and procedures.

By converting to a Cloud based software for day-to-day monitoring and measurement control of the company, we greatly reduced the need for paper or printers. We also reduced the need for using electric power supplies within the company, eliminating the cost for paper and ink cartridges and the energy for the supply chain to provide these items from global resources.

As a result, our overall impact to the planet is reduced, an important consideration for us. If all companies embraced this route the change would be dramatic and maybe reduce or stop deforestation globally.

Abfad Limited are now more streamlined in our daily operations and in turn we are up-skilling our workforce and management in new technology.

ZEST I/O continues to improve our systems and process operations, as we progress and are looking at other ways this software could assist the company for future expansion.

If you want to discover how ZEST I/O can help your business, please get in touch with our team via their website: https://getzest.co.uk