Thermocouple Metal Spraying

Effective attachment of thermocouples using metal spraying

Thermocouple Metal Spraying

Effective attachment with minimum downtime

Thermocouple Metal Spraying

With over 25 years’ experience working in Power Stations, Oil and Gas and the Petrochemical industries we are able to provide a wide range of desirable services that meet the needs and demands of our clients.

One of these on-site services is the installation of thermocouples using metal spraying for effective and quick attachment.

Effective Monitoring Using a Thermocouple

A thermocouple is a sensor which is used to monitor temperature. When configured and attached properly thermocouples can provide measurements over a wide range of temperatures.

Thermocouples are a robust, fast responding and accurate way to measure temperature for industrial processes and Power Station operations.

For the thermocouple to be effective it’s important it’s accurately positioned and securely attached to the surface.

To do this we use the proven and effective technique of metal spraying. Securely bonding the thermocouple in place with this technique allows for accurate and controlled positioning.

Metal Spraying for Reliable Installation and Attachment

Metal spraying is a relatively quick attachment process and keeps any downtime to a minimum.

Once the surface and thermocouple are prepared, the metal spraying can be carried out directly onto the surface providing a strong bond between the two.

With this kind of attachment method only a minimum amount of extra mass is added to the area.

Once the thermocouple is fixed into position by the metal spraying it will operate effectively over several years, with the bond remaining strong.

An Experienced and Reliable Team

Our team is highly trained and has been providing various solutions and services to the Power Generation industry for many years. Everyone on the team is certified and skilled to work in these environments and locations.

We always aim to provide an efficient and effective service with a strong emphasis on safety and safe working practices. We take safety seriously and have IOSH safety and health chartered practitioners within the company.

Rescue Cover for a Complete Service

Our team is also trained and certified to provide Safety Cover and Rescue Services. This is a key part of our operation, and we provide Rescue Cover Services to Power Stations throughout the UK.

Our Safety and Rescue Personnel can be provided as part of our service, so the client has no need to bring in an external team to provide this service, saving on costs.

We’re able to provide safety cover and rescue teams for working at height and working in confined spaces at most locations in the UK.


See more about our Rescue Teams and Safety Services on our website.

The Benefits of Metal Spraying When Attaching a Thermocouple

  • Increased Durability.
  • Increased wear resistance.

  • Increased hardness.

  • Increased corrosion protection.

  • Increased or decreased friction.

  • Modified electrical properties.

  • Resistance to erosion, cavitation, and abrasion.


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