Meet The Members 2015.

On Wednesday, June 3rd we attended and exhibited at the NEPIC Meet The Members event. The event was held at Wynyard Hall Country House Hotel in there Grand Marquee, and what a fantastic looking venue it was, with fabulous surroundings (even if some of our team did get lost trying to find the place). The marquee itself, whilst not the easiest place for access when you have a big heavy pipe and display stands to carry, was also an impressive and large enough space for all the exhibitors and delegates which attended.

The event itself was much bigger than last years Meet The Members and was all the better for it. We set our stand up early in the morning, with our new PIPEVAC® display stand and a working demonstration model of the system. The stand once fully set up looked great and we were all excited to have our new pipe protection system, PIPEVAC®, on display, the first time we had shown this at any event.

PIPEVAC® is a very recent development from Abfad, one that we believe can change the way pipe protection is looked at in the industry. PIPEVAC® provides the ultimate protection for pipelines, preventing external corrosion from occurring thanks to the unique nature of the vacuum system. This also allows for easy locating should a problem occur internally with corrosion or if external damage occurs to the pipeline. To have one complete system that stops corrosion from happening AND allows for complete monitoring of the pipeline is one of the PIPEVAC® systems key strengths, making it an exciting prospect in pipeline protection.

The afternoon session of the event was taken up with lots of networking meetings arranged, which gave us a great opportunity to get our systems and services in front of the likes of ABB, AMEC Foster Wheeler, Sembcorp and several other companies who we would love to work with. This for us is what made the whole day worthwhile, as this kind of vital networking can be hard to come by, but is something which NEPIC organise very well.

Overall we had a great time at Meet The Members 2015, made some great contacts, networked with some great people and organisations, and we look forward to next years event which I’m sure will be even bigger yet again.

Stand 7

Setting up our banners and promotional materials, ready for the day ahead.

Stand 1

Our working demonstration model of PIPEVAC® proudly displayed at our stand.

Stand 4

The PIPEVAC® system up close.

Stand 2

PIPEVAC® on display at Meet The Members 2015.