Positioning aid for rope access

Using rope access techniques is the number one way of carrying out work on difficult to access structures and locations.

When performing work on some structures the rope access technician starts to have a difficult time with stability when suspended by rope. Especially evident when performing tasks such as blasting and other mechanical activities, where the usual method of having to ‘tie in’ to provide the necessary support is difficult and impractical in a lot of cases.

Newton’s third law of motion

Newton’s third law of motion states “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”. Seen in rope access when performing work and the force applied by the activity pushes the technician away from the substrate they are working on, causing a problem.

The Magnetic Positioning Aid allows the rope access technician to securely lock and anchor themselves into place on any ferrous structures to counteract the forces which would push them away. Gives the stability needed to carry out the required work with confidence, safety and precision.

The best Magnet System

Our Magnetic Positioning Aid has been reliably developed and improved over the years since its conception in 1998 and its current form is its best yet. If looked after correctly this Magnet System can last for many years and provide many uses.