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Emergency Rescue And Safety Cover Services

Working At Height And Confined Space Emergency Rescue Teams

For Working at Height and Confined Spaces

Emergency rescue and safety cover services

Rope rescue services from Abfad Limited

Emergency Rescue and Safety Cover from Abfad Ltd

Rope Access Safety Cover

Abfad Limited provide emergency rescue and safety cover for people working at height or within confined spaces, we provide these services to many different industries, including power generation, oil and gas and other onshore and offshore sectors. These services include:

  • Confined Space Emergency Safety Cover for Power Station Boiler, Stacks, Turbines, etc.
  • Tunnel Emergency Safety Cover supplying full BA services for clients personnel.
  • Tanks, Vats, Silos, Vessels, Marine environments Safety Cover.
  • Emergency Safety Cover for other trade personnel working at height and or any confined space working as above.

Abfad’s rescue teams, are fully trained and equipped, so that should an emergency arise, they can perform the necessary assessment of the situation and conduct any rescue needed in a safe and controlled way. This ensures casualties are recovered in the fastest time possible and then administered with first aid.


Confined Space Working
Confined spaces are hazardous working areas where danger of death exists from any number of sources, this danger is present to not only personnel working in the space, but also to anyone who attempts to carry out an unprepared rescue without proper training and equipment. Only fully equipped and trained specialist rescue teams should undertake a confined space rescue, any ill prepared attempt to rescue someone from a confined space only serves to put more people in danger. Nearly two thirds of all deaths occurring in confined spaces are attributed to unprepared people trying to perform an urgent rescue. It is important that the dangers of confined space working not be underestimated, the correct assessments should be carried out, procedures should be put in place and followed by both management and staff, including the provision of a confined space rescue team, in order to have competent and qualified personnel on site that can, in an emergency situation, be in a position to provide rescue and first aid. Regulation 5 of the ‘Confined Spaces Regulations’ says “you must make suitable arrangements for emergency rescue which will depend on the nature of the confined space, the risks identified and the likely nature of an emergency rescue. You should not rely on the public emergency services”.


Working At Height
Working at height refers to work which is carried out by a person who is carrying out any job from a position which could see them fall a distance which could cause them injury. Working at height is one of the biggest causes of serious injury and remains the most common workplace fatality. Abfad’s rope rescue teams ensure that any person working at height remains as safe as possible, and should something go wrong whilst they are working, the appropriately skilled personnel are on hand to provide urgent rescue and care. When working at height takes place on site, there should be suitable arrangements in place to ensure that worker rescue and retrieval is possible and a rapid response to incidents is achievable. Rope rescue teams are the safest and most reliable method of providing this. Rescue attempts by untrained individuals will only serve to increase the risk to the injured party and put further lives in jeopardy. The ‘Working at Height Regulations 2005’ state that “every employer shall ensure that work at height is properly planned; appropriately supervised; and carried out in a manner which is so far as is reasonably practicable safe”.

Click on the links below to view emergency rescue and safety cover reports from Thornhill Power Station outages.

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emergency rescue and safety cover report from Thornhill power station outage

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