Abfad is in the latest edition of  The Bulletin Magazine.

We have a brand new advert featuring in the latest edition of the APEA magazine The Bulletin.

The APEA (Association for Petroleum and Explosives Administration) is a UK based organisation drawing membership from all quarters of the petroleum industry, including regulators from local and national government authorities, oil companies, equipment manufacturers, and suppliers, services and installation organisations and many others in this sector. The bulletin is their prestigious quarterly magazine featuring news, press releases, features of technical and legal interest, covering all aspects of petroleum and explosives and training and branch information. The Bulletin provides a forum for technical, legal, safety and sometimes controversial matters.

Also in this edition of the magazine we are heavily featured in the news section for our World First accomplishment of double skinning an entire aboveground storage tank from top to bottom, for the safe storage of Hydrochloric Acid. This tank now stores over 2 million litres of HCL and has enabled safe storage of this highly corrosive acid in the North East of England in a tank that is constantly monitored 24/7 thanks to our Fuelvac® double skin system. Double skinning an above ground tank in this way has never been achieved anywhere as far as we are aware, so this highlights just how versatile and effective our Fuelvac® lining system is.

But that’s not all, we have a write up in the magazine of the presentation we gave to the APEA Eastern Branch at Christmas time, this is definitely an Abfad heavy edition of The Bulletin!

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