Abfad’s Patented Magnet System

We have a brand new section of our website, all about our patented Magnet System. Not only that, but you can now buy them to use on your own projects, and trust us when we say they make life a whole lot easier.

Simple and safe to use. No more complications and time wasted trying to figure out how you’re going to keep yourself steady whilst blasting or spraying. Or, how you’re going to tackle that difficult structure.

You can use our Magnet System for blasting, spraying, welding, grinding, NDT Inspection and more. We’ve even had interest in using them as an emergency door release!

They are reasonably priced and constructed from 316L stainless steel here in the UK. If looked after properly we believe they will last a very long time.

Check out the Magnet Section on our website to find out more information and details on how to order.

ABFAD-rope-access-magnets  Ship cleaning