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Emergency rescue and safety cover from Abfad Ltd!

Abfad provide Emergency rescue and safety cover for other trades people who have to perform work at height or within confined spaces, this means that if an emergency or incident does occur then qualified and trained personnel are on hand to perform the necessary rescue and get the injured party to safety.

We have recently been on site providing this service at one of E.ON’s power stations during some shut down inspection and cleaning work they were completing. Our safety cover team put together a couple of rescue demonstrations and rescue strategy techniques for the E.ON team performing the work before they started, so that they knew exactly what methods and procedures would be in place if they got into any difficulty.

They were so impressed with our professionalism and standards that they put together a couple of reports that I would like to share with you below (click on each image to view reports).


IP being winched to safety

Thornhill Report 1

IP stretchered to safety

Thornhill Report 2


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