A new approach to pipeline corrosion prevention and monitoring

We’ve developed a new method of pipeline corrosion protection. Providing the answer to both elimination and monitoring of corrosion.

Unprotected pipelines are very susceptible to corrosion. Whether buried in the ground, submerged underwater or exposed to the environment. All are vulnerable. Corrosion in pipelines is perilous. It can damage the structural integrity of the pipeline making it dangerous for transporting potentially hazardous goods, such as oil and gas.

Some pipelines deteriorate slowly, while others have exhausted their useful life after only a year of operation. Some pipelines have even lost 70% to 90% of their mass due to corrosion.

Pipeline repair, due to corrosion, can run into the millions and in some cases billions. Operators need to consider quality preventative strategies. Costs for corrosion will continue to rise and pipelines will continue to deteriorate.

Without the proper prevention measures in place repair costs will continue to escalate and problems worsen. The cost of installing, monitoring and maintaining proper pipeline corrosion protection is far outweighed by the increasing risks of pipeline failure.

Several methods currently exist for controlling and inhibiting pipeline corrosion. Methods such as cathodic protection, specialist coatings, inhibitors and pipe wrapping tapes. No matter which method used, or combination of methods, it’s only an effective maintenance and monitoring program that can minimise and control corrosion related problems.

With the PIPEVAC® system we’ve developed the answer to corrosion prevention AND monitoring.

Experienced corrosion management team

We’re well known for protecting storage tanks from the problems associated with corrosion. We do this by applying solvent free resins to encapsulate the internal steel of the storage tank. Providing a corrosion resistant barrier, extending the life of the tank and saving the client a lot of money in the long term.

We also install our own solvent free double skin tank lining system, Fuelvac®. Incorporating vacuum technology to create a leak detection monitoring system within the tank. This protects the steel from corrosion and also provides internal monitoring. Alerting the client if a problem occurs inside the tank. Protecting the surrounding environment from spills and protecting valuable assets.

Preventing and monitoring pipeline corrosion

We’ve had great success with corrosion management in storage tanks. Now we’ve adapted this knowledge and experience into protecting pipelines. PIPEVAC® eliminates corrosion by creating a vacuum around the pipe substrate. This eliminates the conditions needed for corrosion to occur. Preventing moisture and oxygen from attacking the external surface of the pipeline.

Utilising a vacuum around the pipe in this way enables integration of leak detection monitoring as part of the system. Notifying the operator of any internal corrosion issues, and allowing for easy locating.

Leak detection can be a useful tool in aiding maintenance and inspection programs. If a problem occurs along the pipeline, breaching the incorporated vacuum, the monitoring system alarms. The client is then notified there is a problem and which section of pipeline the problem occurs in.

PIPEVAC® is a versatile system, it can be installed on both above and below ground pipelines. Either in the factory on new pipe work, or in the field onto pipelines that are currently in-service.

We see the PIPEVAC® system as a new approach to pipeline protection. Employing vacuum technology to prevent corrosion from impacting on the pipe. Avoiding any damage to pipeline integrity from corrosion, whilst at the same time allowing complete monitoring of the pipeline.

More information on PIPEVAC® can be found here

PIPEVAC system protecting a pipeline from corrosion