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About Abfad Limited

ABFAD Ltd is devoted to providing clients with quality trade services and reliability

Tank Lining and Rope Access Specialists experienced in on and off-shore Oil and Gas Projects, Construction, Maintenance and Corrosion Control, ABFAD Ltd offers a broad range of services delivered in a highly innovative way.

The company provides  two major services for our clients 1. Specialists in the application of solvent free resins, particularly in storage tank repairs and corrosion protection and 2. Supplying trade experienced *rope access personnel for working at height in all industries.

* Definition of Rope Access – Rope access is a form of work positioning, initially developed from techniques used in climbing and caving, which applies practical rope work to allow technicians to access difficult-to-reach locations without the use of scaffolding, cradles or an aerial work platform. Rope access technicians descend, ascend, and traverse ropes for access to work while suspended by a harness or a work seat. The support of two separate anchored ropes should eliminate the likelihood of a fall altogether, rope access workers use a back-up fall arrest system in the unlikely failure of their primary means of support, this back-up system is usually achieved by using two ropes – a working line and a safety line.

Established in 1996 ABFAD have assisted clients since 2002 to date, with tank storage environmental protection from solvent free single skin coatings to FUELVAC® double skin liner which is vacuum leak detection monitored. FUELVAC® can be installed in underground and above ground storage tanks of any size, is quick to install resulting in minimum tank downtime, uses solvent free epoxy coatings which provide greater long term protection from stored products, and is a double skin lining system which is fully proven and effective. We have also developed a robust pipeline protection system. PIPEVAC® provides an inspection and maintenance free solution to corrosion prevention and monitoring on pipework, including corrosion under insulation (CUI).

ABFAD is an innovative company who prides itself on providing solutions for clients and industries with major problems such as bio-fuel bacteria corrosion in storage tanks which leads to leaks and pollution. Over the years ABFAD has been in the forefront of new developments and applications, for instance, developing patented systems and equipment or tools such as; Double Skin tank lining systems to protect and monitor storage tanks from corrosion; Underground tank access boards for safe access and egress to tank including being used as safe work platforms; Permanent magnets used as positioning aids during rope activities when suspended on ropes to enable technicians to lock and anchor themselves in place to counteract the forces which would push them away, allowing them to carry out any required work with accuracy and precision, providing quality workmanship for activities such as when grit blasting, drilling, grinding, welding, sanding etc.

As safety of personnel, public and the environment is our highest priority ABFAD Management has trained personnel to operate Hydracat heated plural component pump machinery to apply solvent free coatings without volatile organic compounds (VOC’s). Solvent based paint products on the other hand have been proved to cause health issues for applicators and if in close proximity to the public they can also be affected by dangerous fumes, hence the companies stance to apply paint products which not only ensure longer protection for clients assets but also help to protect our personnel, the public and our atmosphere.


Some of our clients


ABFAD LTD. have held the specialist access contract at E.ON Connah’s Quay Power Station since March 1998. During this period Abfad’s range of disciplines has increased from the initial rope access work contract, and now carry out various duties including – General steel fabrication, welding/grinding, NDT inspections, specialist coatings, painting, blast cleaning/specialist preparation, general cleaning, roof repairs, lagging/insulation.

The expansion in Abfad’s site duties, and the continuation of their contract renewal has been possible due to the extremely high standards of workmanship and an unblemished safety record, which has enabled them to successfully tender for work on other E.ON sites.

I can without hesitation, recommend Abfad for any site duties that fall within their expanding company profile.

Sean W

Maintenance Engineer, E.ON

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