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Tank Lining Systems

Tank Linings for Diesel, Petrol, Bio-Fuels, Ethanol and Aviation Fuel (Single & Double Skin with Environmental / Containment Monitoring)

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Pipeline Protection

PIPEVAC protects against external corrosion and provides 24/7 monitoring of the pipeline.

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Abfad Ltd provide a range of innovative services for their clients including:

1. Specialist application of solvent free resins, particularly in tank repairs and corrosion protection.

2. IRATA approved rope access personnel for working at height in all industries.

3. Innovative pipeline protection system for the prevention of external corrosion.

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Visit the FUELVAC® website for detailed information and case studies.

Specialists Access, Coatings, Engineering Services

ABFAD is an innovative company who prides itself on providing solutions for clients and industries with major problems such as bio-fuel bacteria corrosion in storage tanks leading to leaks and environmental pollution.

Over the years ABFAD has been in the forefront of new developments and application for instance developing patented systems and equipment / tools such as; Double Skin tank lining systems to protect storage tanks from corrosion, Underground tank access boards for safe access and egress including a working platform during refurbishment activities, Permanent magnets for stability and quality of workmanship during rope access activities.

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Meet The Members 2015

Meet The Members 2015

Abfad will be exhibiting at the Meet The Members event at Wynyard Hall on 3rd June 2015. The Abfad team will be attending and exhibiting at the Nepic Meet The Members event at Wynyard Hall, Sedgfield, County Durham on 3rd June 2015. This is a great opportunity for us... read more


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